October 14, 2011

no homo

there is this pizza place i go to sometimes .. i don't eat there i get takeout .. i usually go for their subs or pastas i don't get pizza usually .. anyway .. the staff all are filipino .. one of them is particularly girly ... and i think he has a crush on me .. and it's totally making me uncomfortable .. i think i might stop going there ..
like i noticed him looking at me before .. but now he is trying to be friendly with me .. giving me a free drink while i wait for the order .. asking me where i am from .. what my name is .. fuck off already ..

i had a similar encounter in beirut once .. i was walking down the street and this guy stopped me to talk to me .. and as it turned out he was looking for some love so to speak .. i was like ehh good luck with that ..


Anonymous said...

7aram 3leik, don't break his heart Jundi, be kind :D
Can he be openly "girly" in Saudia ?

You are so funny...

Jundi said...

well i am nice to him but he can keep dreaming ..

and he is not like a drag queen .. but hes just very effeminate u know .. he just has that vibe about him .. and many filipinos are like that here ..

thank you :D