October 14, 2011

movie and a game

watched the movie she devil .. it is an old movie .. 1989 .. remember roseanne .. yes that roseanne .. she's in it .. meryl streep steals her husband .. so she destroys both their lives .. it's a nice movie actually .. watching her go about her evil plan is quite satisfying .. and meryl streep .. oh she was hot back in the day .. damn .. not to mention she is an amazing actress .. i enjoyed the movie .. 9/10 ..

playing rage these days .. picked it up earlier this week but only opened it this weekend .. it's produced by id and published by bethesda .. id brought us doom and bethesda brought us fallout .. and that's how this game plays out .. a mix of doom and fallout .. in other words .. fricking awesome .. also they included a racing element in the game .. again .. fricking awesome .. i'm still nowhere in the game .. only logged in about two hours of playing time .. also i'm playing on hard .. so this is gonna take a while ..

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