October 13, 2011

the cold war

so i spoke of a cold war at work .. well today it turned burning hot .. in a nutshell my boss said that they hired someone to take over for me and i will be handling a different section .. it's not a promotion or a demotion .. just being transferred .. i've made it clear i wasn't happy where i was so .. anyway .. he said the new hire would do a better job than me .. but not in that way .. but kind of in that way .. i said game on bitch .. not in those words .. i said something along the lines oh i am going to love watching him crash and burn .. and i was like but under one condition as long as you don't give him more staff because that would be unfair .. i told him i promise you he will not be able to handle it .. see the cold war is that i want a raise since i do so much work .. and i have gotten a 10% raise since joining and i've only been here a year but i want MORE .. and i deserve MORE .. i mean they're even reluctant to give me a vacation because everything goes to fuck if i am ever gone for more than a few days .. they don't agree so much .. anyway so this is their way of trying to tell me you're not as important as you think and we can manage without you .. but i guarantee you i will win .. and my boss kind of tried to backpedal at the end .. he said i may be wrong i don't know .. maybe he won't be better than you .. and i was like it's not that you might be wrong .. you are 100% wrong and you will see .. i am very proud of how i did in there .. i stood my ground and very confidently so i might add .. thing is i had a grin or a smirk on my face the whole time .. so it wasn't like a heated exchange where we were yelling back and forth .. it was just two cool calm conniving assholes negotiating ..

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