November 2, 2010

jundi goes to ikea

i went to ikea today ... when i got there i realized i didnt have my atm card on me ... i thought it was at home but even when i got home i couldnt find it either ... i will go to the bank tomorrow to see if their machine has it ... i think i may have forgotten to take it last time i withdrew some money ... anyway ... so that sucked ... since i couldnt buy what i wanted to ... but i did have some money on me ... so i was like lets just go inside and look around ... even if i dont buy anything i will just browse and pick what i will buy next time i come back ... which may or may not be tomorrow ... i was in there for a good two hours or so ... i picked out the sofa i want to buy ... and the eating table ... the coffee table and the rug will be decided when i go back ... i will probably go for one of those high pile rugs ... i liked them ... very spiffy ... its just a matter of what color ... also they have some nice photos/paintings you can buy ... i found a few that i liked ... also i wanna buy a rod and a curtain for my shower ... theres a bunch of stuff i marked down as "to be purchased" ... though i dont know that i will buy it all this month ... i only need the sofa and the table for now ... the coffee table and the rug as well ... the rest is just decorations that i can add as i go along ... anyway so i bought a bathroom mat ... and a bathroom set ... one of those soap dish + cup for your toothbrush and what not + liquid soap dispenser + bla bla ... gotta love ikea though ... such a lovely shopping experience ... anyway ... so that was what i did after work today ... i leave you with this beautiful song i heard on the drive home ... so beautiful i heard it three times ...


Prudence said...

Oh favorite place to not really but I looooove furniture and furnishing and all that is to do with it. When we first moved here I used to ask my husband to take me to "sleep comfort" like every weekend..eno what are we gonna do this weekend and I'd suggest sleep comfort hehe.

Men don't usually enjoy this experience at all..i'm surprised you're having fun with SHOULD be you're having the right attitude.

I like those high pile rugs..they're so modern...oh but classic beats modern in that regard. YOu can afford to go modern you're a single guy in transition :P

Loved the song..."for he still smiles... And he's still strong"!!

Jundi said...

i know interior design is usually associated with gays but i believe i have a flair for it ..
speaking of gays im pretty sure i saw a gay couple at ikea today .. two dudes .. they couldnt seem gayer ..
i went back today .. the sofa i wanted is out of stock but they took my name and number and said they would call me once it comes ..
i got a dining table that comes with 4 chairs .. a coffee table .. a black high pile rug .. also a doormat ..
now just waiting for that call .. ill probably go back in a week and see if they have it ..

normally i wouldnt enjoy shopping for furniture so much .. but ikea has a beautiful atmosphere .. its like the disney world of furniture stores ..

so the apt is slowly coming together .. i will post that virtual tour soon .. maybe once the sofa comes ..

and glad u loved the song .. pearl jam are amazing .. ill post more of their songs in the future ..