November 2, 2010

quote of the day

Dr. Asad Abukhalil (the Angry Arab) recently returned from a trip to Lebanon ...

I don't like Beirut: it is too noisy and too dirty and too pretentious and too sleazy and too ugly and too lost and too dazed and too polluted and too stressful and too corrupt and too fake.

i agree with everything he said ... except for the hating beirut part ...


Prudence said...

He didn't say "hate"; he said "don't like"!

I bumped into him at the Coop!! NOT this visit tho the one before was in May I think. THe weather was fabulus and I and my husband were taking our daily Hamra night walk and went into the coop for some light shopping. He looked happy and I guess he saw me looking at him and sort of started showing off hehe.

Aahh will be hard to part with it...I love Beirut depite all it's imperfections!

Jundi said...

ur right .. i stand corrected ..

daily hamra night walk eh .. tell me the route of this night walk .. not to sound like a stalker but i know hamra inside out so i am curious ..

and whats this about parting with it .. are u leaving?

Prudence said...

The walk start thru the AUB lower campus. WE take the long stairs opposite the agriculture building to the upper campus. Exit AUB thru the bliss gate then take Jandarc street to Hamra street. If we want something from the coop we go left, if not we go right. We walk thru Hamra street till we reach the intersection with abuduazeez street?? GOd I don't know the name of that street either...but anyways we do down until we reach the intersection with bliss. Then we walk along bliss, I always get an icecream, until we reach the main gate again and we trace our steps back home. That was one lousy description I hope you got it.

It's not definite for the time depends on my husband's job...but it looks like we might be leaving by the end of this year...perhaps even sooner :(

Prudence said...

If we want something from the coop we go RIGHT..if not then left. lol

Jundi said...

ahh the coop .. with its downstairs entrance :D .. that was one of the first places i went to in hamra .. i still remember when i first went and my dad came with me and he was staying at the mayflower and we went there to buy some things .. but i prefer idriss .. or score even ..
where do u get ur ice cream from .. bliss house?

i want to walk through aub once more .. i hear its changed a lot ..

Prudence said...

The coop got a make over this's now like a posh supermarket...well almost!! but it's much better than before. Hmmm I like Idriss but they close up too early for us night shoppers.

Of course bliss there any other place with icecream that yummy?

It's very nice walking thru the AUB it's like entering another world so different from Hamra!!

Jundi said...

yes its nice to walk around at night when the campus is calm ..

so coop got a makeover u say .. interesting o_0

and ur absolutely right they do close early .. it was more about proximity than anything else really lol