February 7, 2012


i was always a sonics fan for as long as i can remember .. and shawn kemp was my favorite player .. then one day the sonics ceased to exist .. and they became the okc thunder .. so i became a thunder fan .. though not immediately i must admit .. anyway here's the thing .. now there's talk about an nba franchise possibly being revived in seattle .. it's still just talk but it might happen .. the thing is even if it does happen the thunder would continue to exist .. so now i'm like hmmm ..


Rula A. said...


Jundi said...

ahhh 90s music .. raja3teeni la ayam zaman

Jundi said...

she had a bunch of hits back in the day but i think my favorite song for her was "wrong impression" .. callin out callin out lol

she was a total babe btw