February 25, 2012

in other news

so yahoo is always running these silly stories on their homepage .. something like kardashian rocks new haircut at premiere or some stupid shit like that .. anyway .. so here was one that caught my eye today .. megan fox .. yes that megan fox .. says that "I was never the pretty girl" .. no dear megan .. you have always been pretty .. maybe you haven't always felt pretty .. but trust me you have always been pretty .. it's not like you blossomed into this super bombshell after graduating highschool .. don't you just love these hollywood starlets who try to seem more human by saying dumb shit like that .. oh i'm such a geek .. oh i was never pretty .. OH PLEASE!

here is something else .. if you look her up on wikipedia .. you will find this gem ..

When she was 13 years old, Fox began modeling after winning several awards at the 1999 American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

right megan .. you were never the pretty girl .. that's like lebron saying he was never the center of attention .. that's like conan saying he was never the clown .. that's like mark zuckerberg saying he was never the nerd .. that's like .. well you get the point ..
of course .. having said all that .. i would still sleep with you in a heartbeat ..


Suha said...

LOOL i think maybe she meant during her awkward teenage phase everyone goes through that but i dnt think she ever had that phase musta7eel

Jundi said...

thats what im saying .. maybe she didnt feel pretty .. but she was definitely pretty .. as evidenced by the wikipedia quote

Anonymous said...

Jundi I cannot believe how SHALLOW you are...shame on you :p