August 28, 2011


well it's almost twenty years old but i finally saw it .. yeah i have a bunch of those in my collection .. that is movies everyone else has seen but me .. inception comes to mind .. anyway i'll get around to them sooner or later ..
back to se7en though .. i can see why it is such a classic .. it really is a great movie .. morgan freeman and brad pitt play two detectives investigating a string of serial killings that have a theme .. that theme being the seven deadly sins .. when they first talk to the killer it is over the phone .. and as i heard him speak i said that is kevin spacey .. and sure enough i was right .. so i deserve a cookie for that .. anyway .. some major twists towards the end of the movie .. 10/10 ..

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Shaima said...

i hate to c se7en ever again, beside 7 pounds and a bunch of other movies that only aches my heart while watching it.

Inception.. i watched three times at the theatre just to undesrtand it and till now im still wondering.. but on the other hand, its a good movie and i loved the music in it.