August 27, 2011

the joneses

the joneses is a movie with a very interesting concept .. but very poor execution .. the joneses are a fake family .. that is they are not really family .. they are actors playing a family .. they work for an advertising company that pays them to do so .. they move into the suburbs and pretend to be this perfect family so people around them can strive to emulate them .. what is known in marketing terminology as being an opinion leader .. but of course this is all just a facade .. and beneath that perfect surface they have their own drama to deal with just like any normal family .. no matter how hard they try to hide it .. like i said .. great concept .. poor execution .. david duchovny and demi moore play the mother and father .. while amber heard plays the daughter .. and some guy i never heard of plays the son .. could've been better .. 6.5/10 ..


Anonymous said...

His name is Ben Hollingsworth, he was in diary of a wimpy kid. As for the movie, i totally fell in love with it.

Jundi said...

well i totally fell in love with amber heard ..
but seriously .. i do think the movie has a wonderful concept and had a great potential to be something special .. but it just fell short .. it happens sometimes .. movies with great ideas but poor executions ..

Anonymous said...

There are other movies that fell in that category, like "Robin Hood", "Bewitched", "Click", although I adore Adam Sandler, but he funked that one.