August 8, 2011

mo at the movies

la confidential .. it's an old one .. but i'd never seen it .. i'd caught glimpses of it on tv before .. anyway having recently played and completed and loved the game la noire i was inspired to see it .. so i did and i was not disappointed .. it is very similar to the game .. which made it all the more enjoyable .. although it also made it all the more predictable .. well maybe predictable is not the right word .. maybe familiar is more accurate .. anyway if you haven't seen it yet please do .. 10/10 ..

the other movie is a little more recent .. bad teacher .. it's like bad santa except instead of billy bob thornton playing a bad mall santa you have cameron diaz playing a bad elementary school teacher .. so if you liked bad santa then you will like this one .. i thought it was a good comedy though it's not for everyone .. i can see some people finding it reprehensible .. and while i am not a big fan of cameron diaz .. i mean she is beautiful but i feel she has kind of a joker smile .. but what a body .. also her acting was good .. she played the role perfectly .. 7.5/10 ..

then there's another comedy that i saw .. your highness .. i guess you could say it is the stoner version of lord of the rings .. it had its moments but overall it was awful .. despite the good cast .. just a crappy movie .. 2/10 ..

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