August 8, 2011

end of days

so it appears that the "international community" is gearing up for some kind of military intervention in syria .. and don't get me wrong .. given the situation in syria .. the world definitely needs to interfere .. you have a peaceful revolution being brutally crushed by the army .. so that's not cool .. however .. here's the problem .. the wrong people are interfering .. and if some fool wants to equate my rejection of foreign intervention with support for bashar then so be it .. but i want to go on the record as saying that i totally and unequivocally reject it .. not that anyone gives a shit .. it's not like my opinion matters to those powers that are going to fuck this up even further .. but mark my words .. no good can come of this .. also if people think that the consequences of this operation .. should it occur .. will be limited to syria .. then they are deeply mistaken .. this is going to set the whole middle east on fire ..

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