June 26, 2011


i noticed that some of my facebook "friends" have me on maximum privacy settings .. by that i mean if i view their page it's just as if we aren't friends .. i can't see their wall .. photos .. nothing .. but we are "friends" .. it's like hey mo .. your only purpose is to increase my friend count .. that's the extent of our friendship .. like there's this one girl .. but she's engaged now .. so i get it .. but still .. might as well unfriend me .. but it seems to be a trend .. like there's this other girl who now that she's married i can't write on her wall anymore .. i can read it i just can't write on it .. also i can't like anything she posts .. well if that's how it is then when i get married i'm just going to disappear from facebook altogether .. but first i think i'll announce my marriage so everyone can congratulate me .. then i'll disappear ..


Prudence said...

LOL..how do you find these things out??

Did you know that this "facebook" is detrimental to couples?? well not detrimental but it's definitely bad I read an article about it the other day and in many ways it is just a cause for headache!

Jundi said...

i did not know that but it doesnt surprise me ..