May 16, 2011


just finished watching game 7 of the thunder grizzlies series ... and the thunder win!!! ... and advance to face the mavericks in the conference finals ... uh oh ... they swept the lakers remember ... anyway let me bask in the glory of the win for a bit ... the game got off to a shaky start but once okc got it going they never looked back ... i was afraid they would have another second half meltdown which they had a few of during this series ... and to their credit memphis made a few solid runs at them but it was never enough ... durant with dunk after dunk after three after three ... a stellar performance from him ... harden raining the threes ... westbrook with a triple double ... btw the last player to get a triple double in a game 7 was pippen in 92 ... so kudos to westbrook ... nick collison was the unsung hero of the game ... hustling and defending randolph well ... never allowing him to take over like he's been doing all playoffs long ... wouldn't it be grand if okc made it to the finals ... durant and westbrook vs lebron and wade ... that would be terrific to watch ... anyway i'm just so glad they won ... it was a hard fought series ... they deserved to win it after that triple ot game ... game 1 against dallas is on tuesday ... i'll probably miss it since it's at 4 am local time ... oh well ... that's life ... you work so you can pay for a big tv and a jazeera subscription and then miss the games ... you can never have it all ... in closing ... i leave you with this nice sportscenter top ten ... actually it's a not top ten :)


Prudence said...

blablabla blablablabla blablablablabla...blaaaaaaablabla blaa..uhoh..blablabla bla..

that's how I read your post :p

Jundi said...

yes that was a very testosterone-ish post .. talking sports plus a photo of a hot girl :D

Prudence said...

I don't have a problem with testosteronish talk...but sport talk omg it's absolute gibberish to me. I'd be listening to the news and suddenly it becomes incomprehensible and the blablabla minds wanders and then I's the SPORTS news :s

Btw the girl is not hot :O

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