May 15, 2011

i've been working out

and people are finally starting to notice


Prudence said...

How long before you start looking like him? That's Bruce Lee right?? r u a fan?

Jundi said...

i dont think i can ever look like that .. its just that ppl are starting to tell me "jismak nshad" .. which i must admit pleases me :D

yes its bruce .. i dont consider myself a fan but i do appreciate his work .. i honestly dont know why i chose him for the photo lol

Prudence said...

lol that was kind of an odd choice since he's petite in comparison with say Schwarznigger! But I do like him much more...I think if they were to meet in a match Bruce will most certainly beat him if only by his will power :O

My father was a fan and he used to rent out his movies...i used to watch them sometimes...I remember they were so bloody and violent but the evil guys were so evil that they deserved the grotesque deaths they got. Anywaysss.... offf i'm bored can you tell?

Jundi said...

arnold has fathered an illegitimate child did u hear ..

i think i only saw one or two of his movies .. but i was very impressed with his abilities .. i also saw the movie they made about his life .. i think it was called dragon .. so u come to my blog when ur bored do u :p

Jundi said...

now u made me wanna see that movie again .. currently downloading :D

Prudence said...

oh noo how could he...I am utterly shocked :p

I particularily remember a movie called al ra2s el kabera or el kabir...I don't know the english title of was gruesome :O Don't forget to review the movie so I can decide if i wanna watch it.

of course...I turn to you for entertainment eventho you disappoint me that you know I hope you'll better your performance hehe ;)