January 30, 2012

you're beautiful

i was listening to mbc fm the other day in my car .. i usually listen to my ipod when i drive but i had left it at my desk .. anyway .. so this ad comes on for this beauty center .. and it starts out with some ladies saying alf salat w salam 3alaik ya nabi Allah muhammaaaaad and some zaghareet .. you know like they do at weddings .. and then these two women start a conversation that goes like eh ya um ahmad kul il banat tjawazu ila bintik .. aish asawi ya um whatever hatha naseeb .. mind you it's all in saudi dialect .. so anyway she's like laish ma ta5theeha 3ala markaz (i refuse to give them any publicity by mentioning their name) 3ashan yi3tanu bi basharit-ha w yzabtulha snanha .. seriously she says that .. so basically the message they are sending is do you feel ugly and unattractive .. are all your friends hotter than you .. then come to our center so we can make you feel better about yourself .. it's like they're attaching a stigma with visiting their facility .. i just found it to be very stupid and unwise .. they should fire the agency who did that ad for them because it's just awful ..

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Suha said...

Haha Saudi radio ads are not exactly what you call creative, can't decide whether to find this offensive or amusing hmmm. But this might have some truth to it though on how society is all about looks over substance these days