January 12, 2012

when you're strange .. when you're strange

sometimes an old school friend will add you on facebook ... you have not seen or talked to this person for more than a decade now and hadn't planned on it either .. but you accept because it's fun to rummage through their profile page .. see how their life turned out .. not that we give a crap .. mostly we just want to browse their photos ..
and sometimes someone from school - not a friend - just someone who was in your school will add you .. and it's like ok well we went to school together i guess i'll accept .. because once again it's fun to rummage through their profile page .. it really is ..
and sometimes .. and this happens very rarely but it happened today which inspired me to write this .. someone who didn't go to school with you .. who never even knew you per se .. they knew of you but never actually knew you .. like they were aware of your existence but there was never any actual contact between you .. for example you had mutual friends but they hung out with you separately .. or maybe you were both at the same party once .. someone like that will add you .. and that's when i feel it gets a little too weird .. it's like dude i never even knew you .. not even on a went to the same school basis .. and even when i did "know" you .. that was a decade ago .. so why are you adding me .. but again you accept .. why .. that's right .. also your friend count goes up one .. vanity's a bitch ..


Anonymous said...

lol i bet they add you so that they can rummage through your profile page :p I like the word rummage

Jundi said...

probably .. it used to be that my page was public but not anymore .. rummage is a nice word i agree :D