January 19, 2012

slice of life

a little context before telling the story .. in saudi, residential buildings are either singles or family .. that is either singles live in it .. OR .. families live in it .. but not both .. it is one of the many ridiculous things that go on in this otherwise wonderful country .. so i live in a family building .. what's that i hear you say .. but jundi you're single .. yes well the owner of my building happens to be the brother of the guy who owns the company i work for .. and there is your explanation .. anyway .. a new sexy building was just erected next to mine .. it is almost done but they are still doing the wiring for the electricity .. that's all that remains .. so i was considering moving to that building .. anyway today i passed by in my car and there was this guy outside smoking .. so i parked and went to talk to him .. here is the conversation that took place ..

- assalamu 3alaikum
- wa 3alaikum assalam
- inta ilmas2ool 3an il3amara
- na3am
- tayeb ana saken bil 3amara ili janbkum .. su2ali ino mata 7atkoon il 3amara jahze .. 3ashan 7abib ashoof sha2a feeha
- wallahi il3ilm 3ind Allah hiye jahze bas ba2i ilkahraba
- ya3ni ma 3indak fikra aimta mumkin tijhaz
- il3ilm 3ind Allah
- mmm tayeb w 3adi law 3azzabi
- shoo
- 3azzabi
- la 3azzabi ma fee
- abadan
- abadan
- ya3ni ansa ilmawdoo3
- insa ilmawdoo3
- tayeb shukran

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