January 21, 2012


i finished two things this weekend .. the first was shaq's autobiography .. shaq uncut .. i bought it when i went to dubai last month .. i read most of it on the plane .. i only had a few chapters left but you know after i got back i just couldn't be bothered anymore .. but i finally finished it .. it's actually a decent book .. although it's written by shaq so it's not exactly deep or profound .. no disrespect but he's an athlete not a writer .. so you know .. but despite the lack of any real insight it's still interesting when shaq dishes about the drama that went on between him and kobe or later on between him and pat riley .. needless to say if you are not an nba fan then you should not read this book .. you might appreciate the earlier parts in the book when he talks about his upbringing and family and such .. but once he gets to the nba part you will be completely lost .. simply because you will not get any of the references .. but all in all it was a nice light read .. i think any true nba fan would appreciate it .. regardless whether they are a fan of shaq or not ..

the other thing i finished was assassin's creed revelations .. the fourth installment in the series .. and apparently not the last one .. enough already ubisoft .. make a final one already .. so you are ezio once again .. although every now and then you have a flashback as altair .. a very old altair .. who cannot run or jump .. in fact he can barely walk .. anyway .. they made a few minor changes as they always do .. took a few things out .. put a few things in .. but overall the game remains the same .. the setting is turkey this time by the way .. so you run around and jump and leap and kill and climb and purchase shops and all that stuff we have come to be familiar with .. once again the story makes zero sense with all its animus templar mumbo jumbo but the gameplay is wonderful .. looking forward to the next one ..

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