December 23, 2011

quality time with the family

my parents came to do umra on monday .. i joined them on tuesday .. they were already done with the umra by then .. i didn't do umra myself .. i took a cab from jeddah to makka .. it's cheap and about a 40 minute drive if the guy is going fast enough .. i got there before asr prayers .. prayed asr in the haram .. had lunch back at the hotel .. then maghreb .. stayed in the haram until isha .. stayed a little longer in the haram .. finally went back to the hotel and had dinner .. and everyone went to sleep .. i think i was the last one to fall asleep .. i slept on the floor .. the next day we prayed duhur and went to jeddah .. they stayed with me for the day .. i took them to a mall for five minutes before we decided to leave because nobody was in the mood for it .. so i took them to a super fancy lebanese restaurant called byblos for dinner .. my treat .. paid a shitload of money .. anyway i learned that i can never drive with my dad in the car .. no seriously .. he wants me to not go faster than 60 .. and he panics whenever he anticipates anything .. which drove me absolutely nuts .. so that wasn't much fun .. dinner was good though .. but i did snap at him at one point .. i apologized later on .. but i feel it was warranted .. i mean he really zawwadha .. anyway .. after dinner they slept over and the next morning i drove them to the airport .. i got this guy to come clean my place so it would be sparkling clean when they came .. and yet my mom who is a super obsessive neatfreak was not satisfied .. she insisted on redoing my dishes .. which were apparently not clean enough for her .. so they are leaving ksa for good in about a week or so .. happy trails .. also mom kept telling me i should get married but i said no .. i'm going to take another short vacation next weekend to go visit my brother in abu dhabi for a few days .. that should be fun ..


SimSim said...

nyyaallak !!! when u were talking about the prayers and el 3omra !! nefsee aroo7 jadd !!! I went there in 1999 !! :S yabayee shoo zammaaan !!!

about the parents !! lool allah yes3edhom w y5alehom as for the cleaning!! when I visited my brother in Dubai he went to pick up something from the supermarket and when he came back! well half of his fridge was in the trash after I cleaned it for sure ! and most of his cloths in the laundry and I also did all of his dishes looool and sure organized the room and his socks :D we just can't help it !! :p

Jundi said...

yeah i guess i take it for granted now that i live so close to makkah .. it was good ino ma fee 7ada hunak bi hal wa2t .. last time i went was in ramadan bil 3ashra il awa5ir ya 7abeebi 2adaish kan za7me ..

and yes parents will be parents but they got on my nerves sara7a .. especially dad in the car mish tabee3i!

derry said...

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