October 23, 2011

work and a review

so the cold war at work is now at truce mode .. i got my vacation .. not all of it but i got a week .. we get another week off for eid so technically it will be two weeks .. oh baby .. gonna visit my folks .. it might be the last time i see them in saudi .. they're moving to jordan soon .. like a couple of months .. but yeah we reached a truce at work .. the management sort of said we hear you loud and clear and we acknowledge your complaints although we may or may not agree with all of them .. though we will admit some of them are valid .. but not all .. i'll take it for now .. so i'm gonna cool it .. they're gonna cool it .. and we're going to live happily ever after .. ahhhh office politics .. sweet drama for my otherwise dreary life ..

i beat the game rage .. i have mixed feelings about it .. on the one hand it is a fantastic shooter .. but the story sucked .. i don't even know what the story was .. honest to God i'm not making this up i beat this one mission next thing i know there was a cutscene and then the credits began rolling .. and i was like what the hell did i just beat the game .. so yeah that's a sure sign it's a shitty story .. but as a shooter it was beautiful .. roaming the wasteland and killing the bad guys provides an adrenaline rush that is second to none .. the racing element was a nice touch .. it was very road warrior-esque .. remember those old mad max movies .. but the racing bit doesn't even come close to comparing with the shooting part of the game .. forget the racing that's just a minigame at best .. this game is a pure shooter .. although you would think bethesda would've added an rpg element similar to what they did with fallout but no .. so that was a bit disappointing as well .. but basically it is your cliche shooter in terms of execution .. you go to town and buy ammo and weapons and supplies and such .. also you can gamble .. talk to people in town .. they give you corny missions .. like retrieving booze from an abandoned distillery .. or fetching some plant with healing powers from a mutant infested area .. but the gameplay is fantastic .. weapons are beautiful .. when you pick one up for the first time you sort of turn it around and check it out .. there are various types of ammo for the same weapon .. the enemies are clever .. the voice acting is great .. the blood and way people die is awesome .. so yeah .. but the story .. so woefully bad .. it loses major points for that .. worse than that there is no multiplayer .. only co-op .. still it was a great shooter .. 7/10 ..

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