October 9, 2011


went to the store to buy some games today .. i havent bought a game in like five months .. the last game i bought was la noire .. that game is in my opinion the second best game on ps3 in history .. number one being of course heavy rain .. although i can see others saying la noire is better .. but i digress .. i wanted nba 2k12 and rage .. got rage .. but nba was out of stock .. he said they'd have it again in a few days .. i told him reserve me a copy .. havent played rage yet .. probably wont until the weekend .. there's some sweet games coming out soon .. mainly batman arkham city and also uncharted 3 .. listen to me going on about ps3 games .. maybe i should get married .. is it possible to be married and still play ps3 .. looking at my older brothers i can say the answer is no ..

i spoke about a cold war brewing at work between my boss and i .. well today he walked by and gave me a pat on the back .. which i took as a gesture of goodwill .. but i will not let my guard down ..

my parents are leaving saudi in a couple months .. my dad said he wants to give me his car .. i was like sell it i dont need it .. but he insisted .. he was like your car got fucked by the flooding and it's giving you a hard time .. i was like no but i fixed it .. and he said yeah but still i want to give it to you .. anyway in the end i was like well ok if you insist .. so it looks like i might be getting a car? .. im contemplating selling it .. that would be rude wouldnt it .. i dunno .. its better than my car but i love my car .. and i spent so much fixing it since the floods last year .. if i sell it i will not get much .. its working fine now .. i mean sure it can never go back 100% the way it was but it's running like a tiger mashalla .. my friend said sell both and lease a new one .. and i was like hmmmmm .. i duno .. we'll see ..


Noura said...

yup, marriage can stamp no on so many things not only games..no to watching basketball games, no to eating at subway because you have to eat healthy and stuff no to movies....waja3 ras..lool

7aram Carla,she's gonna have a "dorra" !!.. but don't sell your dad's car, am sure he will be upset, although your friend's idea is tempting!

Noura said...

i replied to your comment and tried to say how I see you, check it and tell me if am right ?

Jundi said...

subway is healthy!

yes 7aram carla .. wallah i love my carla too much .. the thought of selling her breaks my heart .. i want to stay with her until she dies of old age then ill go for a hotter younger one lol

my friends idea is tempting but im not gona do it .. there is no way im selling both