October 7, 2011

quote of the day

To my Syrian brothers and sisters: don't mimic the Lebanese when they take pride in someone who is (in reality or through the imagination) of Lebanese origin even if he/she has never ever made any connection to his/her real or imaginative roots. Steve Jobs did not have any dealings with his Syrian father: he was raised by different parents. And most importantly, Jobs never ever made any connection with Syrians or Arabs. Just avoid the silly and humiliating path of Lebanese popular culture.

angry arab


Anonymous said...

true, he even made peace with his birth mother but not with his father..!!

Dawn said...

It never crosses their mind how small or different the possibility of a life of significance for him would be if he had lived his life with his biological father!!
Everything he became is a result of how the people in his life challanged him. There is a big difference between a father and a sperm donor.

Jundi said...

hey there noura .. i dont think he ever reached out to his biological father ..

dawn .. yes he probably would have been a nobody had he been raised syrian .. haha it is mean when i say it like that but its most likely true

Shaima said...

Its not about if he IS or IS NOT connected to his syrian roots. its just about the feeling that he's originally from el sham. i know that he was raised a westernians way; but still behind this genius brain a genius (middle eastrian) genes :p

Jundi said...

apparently he credits his genius to having done lsd more than his ethnic background