October 29, 2011


watched a couple of movies this week .. the first was kung fu panda 2 .. it was good but i liked the first one better .. still it was good fun .. unless you don't like animation movies then you should enjoy it ..

the other was crazy stupid love .. sort of a romantic comedy i guess .. but not a very realistic one .. not realistic at all actually .. great cast though .. steve carell, emma stone, marisa tomei, julianne moore, ryan gosling .. so basically you have a bunch of intertwining love plots .. so unlike most romantic comedies which are about one couple .. there are multiple stories going on here .. it's decent enough .. it's not too cynical but not too mushy either .. good for watching with your significant other ..


Anonymous said...

I am going to watch Kung fu panda tomorrow inshallah.. I loved the first one too :)

beauty said...

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