September 13, 2011


with all the turmoil in the middle east power balances are shifting .. old alliances being broken and new alliances being formed .. everyone is trying to fill the vacuum .. turkey is a rising star .. nato .. america .. britain .. france .. italy .. iran .. pretty much everyone is trying to get a slice except the arabs ..
they're either a) too busy trying to start over after having toppled the regime .. or b) too busy trying to preserve themselves from being toppled .. or c) too busy trying to topple the regime .. so yeah i would say things are definitely starting to change .. and not in a good way ..
i have a friend who is a coworker recently return from yemen .. he spent the eid holiday over there .. he told me tales that were quite chilling .. he said the sound of gunfire never stops .. that death is everywhere ..
i have always said that if and when the revolution comes to my neighborhood .. i would rather go out and die than try to flee .. i still like to think that is true ..

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