August 29, 2011

pretty excited

i fly to khobar tomorrow to visit my folks .. we will go to visit my older brother in bahrain .. my other brother is flying in from abu dhabi .. and then there are my two younger brothers who still live with my parents .. it will be the first time all of us are in the same room since forever .. like two years almost .. plus i will get to see my older brother's daughter for the first time .. and my other brother's daughter for the second time ..


Dawn said...

You come from a family of 5 boys and no girls? !!
mashallah.. allah y5alleekom la ba3ad o God bless your mom's heart 2ad ma kassartoolha fil beet :D
Happy Eid

Jundi said...

yes i am the middle child of five boys knock on wood :D

i spent a small fortune at toys'r'us today buying gifts for the two girls .. i figure they probably wont see me that much so "/

Anonymous said...

Eid moubarak, allah yekhaleekon la ba3d :)Am sure your mom is pretty happy.. what's on the menu ??

say hello to all of them and wish them happy eid from a stranger all the way from Florida ..kiss the little ones for me too:)

Jundi said...

thanks noura kul 3am winti b5air :)