August 28, 2011


i was at subway .. and this guy was telling them what he wants on his sandwiches .. that's plural .. sandwicheS .. i guess he was ordering for his whole family because he had ordered like seven sandwiches .. so anyway .. he seemed to be saudi but he spoke good english .. i mean the accent wasn't that bad .. but here is the thing .. when the guy asked him what he wanted on one of the sandwiches .. he said .. everything despite the chili pepper and onions .. which i thought was a strange way of phrasing it .. despite .. don't you mean except .. or but .. i mean it's like the chili pepper and the onions don't want him to put everything on his sandwich .. but he's doing it anyway despite them .. so anyway i just thought it was funny .. i didn't say anything though ..


Anonymous said...

I always worry that other people are listening to my order when at subway !!! so how close were you standing to hear all this looool

You're funny :D

Jundi said...

well i was next in line so i was pretty close .. also the place was quiet so i could hear very clearly :D