August 20, 2011


if you can recognize the girls in the photo above you can guess this movie is a comedy .. you have kristen wiig as the lead .. fellow snl alum maya rudolph .. there's erin from the office .. that one blonde chick from reno 911 .. also rose byrne who i had never heard of before but my she is beautiful .. she plays the perfect girl in the movie so .. then that fat chick in the corner .. who plays a kind of butch character .. anyway it is kind of a chick flick .. but it's produced by judd apatow .. so the humor is somewhat vulgar .. not that vulgar by apatow standards but very vulgar by chick flick standards .. all in all it is a funny movie .. basically wiig and rudolph have been best friends since forever .. and now rudolph is engaged .. but her new friend played by byrne is planning every last detail .. leaving wiig feeling a little jealous .. also wiig is feeling the sting of not having a serious relationship herself .. drama unfolds .. 8/10 ..

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