July 25, 2011

work conversations

me .. the british guy from dubai .. and the trainer who is a lebanese .. i'm pretty familiar with the british guy as he visits us often from corporate .. as for the trainer i met him for the first time last week ..

british guy: so how are things in your home country
me: first of all do you know what country i am from
british guy: yes
me: which is
him: silent
me: palestine
him: yes palestine i knew that
me: eh so it's been fucked up forever
trainer: cracks up
british guy: i remember you saying that you'd never been
me: yeah
british guy: which struck me as .. *pause* .. well it struck me basically
me: by the way i still haven't been
british guy: sympathetic smile

in retrospect .. i wonder if he felt any guilt at that moment about being british .. you know seeing as how they're kind of responsible for how things turned out ..


Prudence said...

LOOL I don't think he felt any guilt...but seriously you go around saying that Palestine is your hometown?? 5sara fik el passport il ordoni :p

Jundi said...

well i am palestinian am i not .. im not from 3amman .. doesnt make me an ingrate does it ..

Prudence said...

you were not born in amman nor have you really lived there so no you're not an ingrate. Perhaps you should consider Dahran as your hometown...you were born there right?? Personally I call Irbid my hometown. I am Palestinian of course but Palestine feels more like a cause than a home...Beirut is now my home and if we leave it then I don't know...I'll become homeless again :(