July 31, 2011

last weekend

last weekend i went on a diving trip with some people from work .. we don't exactly work together but we all work at the same company .. i know some of them better than others .. also some people brought their cousins .. anyway .. it was lovely .. i was seasick for the first part of the trip but i took some pills and a short nap and i was good for the rest of the day .. anyway i decided i want to learn to scuba .. every time the guys would dive and come back up and start conversing i would get so jealous .. also they come up with all this fish that they caught .. anyway i wasn't the only one who didn't dive .. there were about ten of us who didn't .. and ten who did .. i did snorkel a bit though .. was nice i got to see some coral and some fish .. very nice .. anyway it was nice there was music on the boat one of the guys had this cool bose ipod dock .. and we grilled the fish that they caught and also chicken .. all in all it was a nice trip .. good escape .. i suggested we do paintball sometime ..

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