July 26, 2011

lamma lta2u 3inayna

i was crossing the street to my car .. i was carrying two bags of takeout .. one was dinner .. the other was dessert .. and as i weaved my way through the oncoming traffic to reach the other side .. there was this lady in a car .. she was riding shotgun .. not sure if she was the guy's wife or sister or girlfriend or what .. anyway we made eye contact .. and i tell you she literally twisted her neck to maintain that eye contact as long as possible as the car passed me by .. and i did my part by staring right back into her eyes .. and that my friends .. was the highlight of my day .. i know .. i should get married right ..


Prudence said...

riding shotgun?? is that a new expression??

AAAand were her eyes the only thing you could see?? did she peer at you from behind a 5emar? Because if that were the case then it's a disastor :p hmmm no it's ok you should not get married just because of that :p

Jundi said...

a new expression? oh pru you have so much to learn .. riding shotgun means riding next to the driver .. it comes from the old days when someone would ride next to the wagon driver carrying a shotgun ..

and no her eyes were not the only thing i could see her face was not covered .. but i saw nothing but her eyes .. it was quite intense for me im telling you there was electricity lol ..

Prudence said...

aaah yes I do have much to learn from you, seriously...it's like we read and watch different stuff so we have different areas of knowledge ;)

Well an eye contact could be quite intense...it is true that the eyes are the windows to the soul but it's not frequent that you get to really see into someone's soul.. OOORRRR you could be very lonely :p