July 24, 2011

hotel memories

five years ago i was in this same hotel .. it had been quite a day .. a lot of emotions .. i was still a virgin then .. no not in the sexual way .. in the job way .. i was still a fresh graduate .. aside from the one month joke of an internship i did as a university requirement i had never worked a day in my life .. i was in jeddah doing job interviews .. which did not work out .. one of them was particularly brutal .. well here i am five years later back working in this city so if at first you don't succeed .. funny enough .. back in high school i stayed at the same hotel as part of a school field trip .. that was like ten years ago or more .. it was the school soccer team and basketball team .. good times .. and now here i am .. a grown ass man .. back at the same hotel .. having lunch with the rest of the training group .. our company office is a few minutes away ..
i think back to the person i was when we stayed here back in school .. and the person i was when i stayed here back when i was in town looking for a job .. and the person i am now .. oh jundi .. you're getting old ..


Prudence said...

oh shut up jundi...you have not entered your third decade on this earth yet...in other words you're still a baby :p

and btw the title of the post and the first few lines are very misleading...I cannot convery my disappointment :O

Jundi said...

yes but my soul is like a million years old

sorry to have disappointed u but u shouldve known better :D