June 21, 2011

slice of life

so someone stole my door mat .. what the hell man .. it wasn't even a real door mat .. it was more of a bathroom mat .. but it had a cool tri-color design that i liked .. like the tri-color flags .. got it from ikea .. anyway it's gone .. i bought a new one today .. more expensive .. a real door mat .. made of that brown fiber they tend to be made out of .. it doesn't say welcome on it .. they had one that did but i didn't get it .. the one i got has black squiggly lines running around the edge of it .. i got it from saco .. when i was walking to the cashier this lady asked me where i got it .. so i showed her where .. then this other dude walked up to me and asked me about some offer the store was having .. i was like i don't work here dude .. except i said it in arabic .. with a smile .. a fake smile .. what an idiot .. doesn't he know saco employees wear a uniform .. that white and red polo shirt .. also they're ALL filipinos .. stupid ass ..


Prudence said...

Why do you feel so insulted that he thought you worked there?? :p

Nice mat I like. Mine says "welcome" and i got it because it was on sale hehe

Jundi said...

no silly thats just an illustrative photo .. its not the actual one i bought ..

i dont feel insulted .. i just feel the guy is a stupid ass ..