June 26, 2011

made my day

so there is this indian guy at work .. his name is kabeer .. me and this other guy were talking to him today .. we asked him are you married .. he said yes .. we asked him do you have kids .. he said one .. we asked him is it a boy or a girl .. he said a boy .. we asked him what is his name .. he said ahmad yaseen .. i was like wait his name is ahmad yaseen .. he said yes .. i asked him did you name him after the shaikh who died in palestine .. he said yes .. it was all i could do not to hug him ..


Prudence said...

A sincere AWWWW. YOu know about the lebanese guy who named his son Rajab tayeb Erdogan?? did you know that Erdogan is Turkish for brave man??

Prudence said...

AAAnd this doesn't sound like a conversation...it's more like you were interrogating the poor fellow :p

Jundi said...

well an arab person doing it is one thing .. but this is an indian man .. interesting about what erdogan means i didnt know that ..

aaaaand it was a conversation .. well a conversation slash interrogation :D