June 9, 2011


i watched this movie called idiocracy .. it's one of those comedies you should watch when you're high .. because it will be funnier .. it's from mike judge the man behind office space .. though it's not nearly as good .. moving on .. the movie stars luke wilson and maya rudolph as two people who wake up in the future 500 years later due to a botched military experiment .. and what they find is a dystopian world where everyone is extremely dumb .. this is what news looks like .. this is what the president of the united states looks like .. this is what the secretary of education looks like .. and this is the number one movie in theaters .. obviously they are not thrilled about it and would like to return back in time .. which would require a time machine .. so they try to find one .. watch the movie to see what happens ..
do i recommend it .. only for those that are looking for a silly comedy that requires zero thinking .. in which case yes i highly recommend it ..
as far as comedies go i give it a 7/10 ..

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