June 28, 2011

i made a funny

i was talking to my boss and my ex-boss .. my ex-boss is now manager of a different department .. so they were telling me about some guy who works as a sales rep who wants to transfer to our department .. and they told me do you want him .. i was like no ma biddi 3arab .. they said laish .. i told them la2anno il 3arab 3a6leen .. they said 6ab ma inta 3arabi .. i said ma ana 3a6el .. my boss couldn't stop laughing ..

in other news i was driving home from work today and i was listening to the radio .. my ipod died remember .. so this lady calls in and as soon as she was on the air she began to babble about how thrilled she was to finally get on .. and the host was like yes it's all of our listeners dream to get on the air .. and she was like yes but other listeners have other ways to get on i only have one .. so the host was like what ways are those .. and the lady says they can text .. and the host says well why can't you text .. and she said oh dear child i can't read or write .. of course all this is in khaleeji arabic mind you .. and the host was like ohhhh 7abeebti .. it was very awww inspiring .. lame ..

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