June 17, 2011


another michael judge movie .. another light mindless comedy .. jason bateman plays a small business owner who is frustrated with the routine of his life .. his main complaint is that by the time he gets home from work his wife has put the sweatpants on .. meaning no sex .. and to further exacerbate the issue he cannot masturbate in peace because the bathroom shares a wall with the tv .. meanwhile .. he also has to deal with the drama at work .. general mills is offering to buy the company for a hefty sum but first he needs to deal with a potential lawsuit by an employee who suffered a terrible work injury which led to him losing a testicle .. also he has to deal with a pesky suburban neighbor who is always trying to invite him to things ... it's a nice light mindless comedy .. nice movie for unwinding after a long week of work .. also mila kunis is in the movie and she is effing hot .. also ben affleck plays his stoner bartender buddy who helps him with his problems .. and snl's kirsten wiig as his wife .. and jk simmons plays his work associate who hilariously refers to everyone as dinkus ... great ensemble for a mediocre story equals good laughs but nothing memorable .. 6/10 ..

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