June 24, 2011

cedar rapids

if you like ed helms you will enjoy this movie because he is the lead role .. he plays a wholesome insurance salesman who due to certain events is chosen to represent his company at the cedar rapids convention .. at this convention one insurance company is chosen to win the two diamonds award .. ed's company had won it the past two years and are counting on him to bring it home for a third consecutive time .. lot of pressure .. and so ed goes to the convention and that's where the movie starts .. his experiences at the convention lead him to grow up .. sort of a fish out of water experience so to speak .. the naive small-town boy loses his innocence and realizes that the world is not so pure .. he drinks for the first time .. meets a hooker .. a raunchy salesman who does not share his wholesomeness .. shares his room with a black man .. and so on .. all in all i have to say it was kind of cheesy.. but the acting and the comedy was solid .. recommended for a weekend night movie .. 7/10 ..

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