June 13, 2011


i've been asked to write a thank you note for work .. it's like we have this big project that recently launched and it's still in its early phases but it's going well so far so we're happy .. so they're gonna mention it in our corporate magazine .. yeah we have a corporate magazine lol .. i forget what it's called honestly .. anyway .. so they want to write a thank you note to go with it .. and my boss asked me to write it .. because well i have the best english out of anyone at work .. like i'm in a league of my own .. haha does that sound braggy .. but it's true .. anyway .. so here is the note that i wrote i'm gonna submit it to my boss tomorrow .. what do you think ..

We are very proud to announce that WMS has successfully been launched in Saudi Arabia for Al-Farida and Chanel with plans to cover the remaining divisions by the end of 2011. To everyone who played and will continue to play a role in this wonderful project, we want to say thank you. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We couldn’t have done it without you.
It is this amazing teamwork that will allow us to achieve all of our future goals as well.

speaking of work .. i missed the past week and a half .. combination of sick and vacation .. i used to pop in for a few hours occasionally but that was it .. just got back today .. what a day .. at one point i screamed at one guy .. totally let him have it .. he told me i7tarim 7alak i told him kul 5ara .. i apologized later .. i'm higher up than him though so he can suck it lol ..


Prudence said...

LOL omggggg you told a guy at WORK to eat you know?? That is horrible he should sue you :p But it's very funny :D

The thank you note is generic but with their bad english they probably won't notice :p

Jundi said...

i totally got the best of that exchange :D

this was my boss's reply when i emailed him the note ..
"great message thanks"