April 2, 2011

mister smooth

her: people say i look like meriam fares
me: why just because you have curly hair
her: she's ugly anyway i don't want to look like her
me: oh please you wish you looked like her
(awkward silence)
me: i mean you're attractive too
(more awkward silence)


Prudence said...

lol serves her right for saying that meriam faris is ugly..I mean commmoooooon!!

My sister looks like Merian Faris...and when my hair is curly I look like her too...yes it's just the hair :p

Jundi said...

awalan welcome back .. wa thaniyan how come u stopped commenting for a while there :o

Prudence said...

lol thanks...you missed me eh?? Yeah that's the advantage of being your one and only reader :p

Bad mood syndrome; you know how that feels like :O

Jundi said...

hey you are not my one and only reader .. you are my one and only commenter looool .. well i didnt miss u i missed having comments on my blog lol im kidding im kidding :D

and why do you assume i know what that feels like :p

Prudence said...

YOu're mister sunshine arent you?? always in a good mood :p

Yeah my comments are priceless you're a lucky blogger :p