March 3, 2011

the tale of the mattress

the other day i was stepping out of my apartment into the elevator .. when i heard a voice calling .. it was someone on the floor above me .. he asked me to do him a favor .. he wanted to throw a mattress down the stairwell .. and he said when you get down just check that nobody is there and give me a signal .. so i did and he threw the mattress down .. i got into my car and left .. when i came back i could see that the mattress was now outside near the dumpster .. i could also see that there was a cat lying on it .. and i thought well it didn't take long for someone else to claim the mattress .. i also wondered if the cat had marked it as his own yet .. anyway .. the next morning .. as i walked to my car to go to work .. i noticed a homeless person who had put the mattress on their little cart and was leaving with it .. i believe this is what mufasa once referred to as ..
the circle of life ..


Prudence said...

lol how can you assist in such an activity?? 2al throwing mattresses down the stairs. Yes I know I keep missing the point of your posts!!

I have a sad mattress tale for you. Our neighbor, back home, who is a total bastard who deserted his wife and children, could not wait when his ill wife passed away, may she rest in peace tho I never met her, to throw her mattress and all her clothes, wrapped in sheets, in the small yard outside his house which lies in our balcony view.

The days passed and I watched as the wind unraveled the sheets and strewed the clothes...they hung over the yellow dry bushes like flags. The whole scene looked like that of an old was so sad

Jundi said...

i didnt assist .. i just gave him the coast is clear signal .. he didnt want to hurt someone by accident ..

that is a sad tale indeed .. sadder than mine ..