March 7, 2011

dearly beloved

all the things that i want to tell you
are the things that i will never tell you


Prudence said...

Do you like irritating your dearly beloved?? pushing her buttons and making her hate you?? If you do then go ahead and say such a thing to her :p

Jundi said...

oh i would never say that to someone .. ive learned that :D

there was a girl who i once knew .. and sometimes i would start to say something then i would say nevermind .. drove her crazy ..

Prudence said...

whom* :p

lol omg that is irritating indeed!! If it were the other way around I imagine you won't care in the'd be like "ok" which is even MORE irritating hehe

Jundi said...

haha ya i probably would be like ok .. u know once i caught on to the fact that it drove her crazy i started doing it on purpose sometimes :D