February 5, 2011

poetry hour

here is a nonsense poem i wrote ... well on the surface it's nonsense ... but it's actually really deep and thoughtful ...
i call it volcanoes in the dark ...

your aztec song calls my soul
the bubble puts me in a trance
with its mesmerizing movement
i cannot look away
such a beautiful color
the color of peanut butter
the creamy kind
i must cross the canyon
to reach the woods


Prudence said...

YOu didn't pick "peanut butter" just because it rhymes with "color" now did you?? I was wondering coz the color of peanut butter, the creamy kind, is not very attractive at all :p

I like ;)

Jundi said...

i didnt even realize they rhymed till you just pointed it out lol .. anyway glad u like it but im very curious how you understood it

Prudence said...

Well it seems to me a description of a certain state of love or longing. I can imagine the mesmerising effect and the trance and tho it is not clear what causes you to feel them the feeling itself is nicely expressed.

so what is it that you actually mean?? :p

Jundi said...

well yes it is romantic so ur right about the love and longing .. as for what do i actually mean .. that is a secret i will take with me to the grave lol

Prudence said...

lol to the grave marra wa7deh?? Shaklo sir ktir 5ateer :p