February 14, 2011

cooler talk

i was talking to a syrian guy at work ... we were discussing if syria would catch tunis fever ... and he said no and we don't hate our president and so on ... and i was like bullshit you guys have the same problems as egypt one party one ruler police state emergency laws corrupt politicians and so on and so on ... and he was like no no now under bashar there is so much more freedom ... and i was like how so ... and he said in hafez el asad days nobody would dare grow a beard but now it's not such a big deal ... and i was like oh wow big whoop you can grow beards now you're obviously free ... he wasn't amused ...

1 comment:

Prudence said...

lol my interpretation is, he thinks you might be a syrian spy trying to lure him into spelling his guts only to report him!!! OOOOR he is an alawite and he actually supports the syrian regime :o

Aal more "freedome"...do you know that now the STATES is asking the syrian regime to release that syrian blogger Tal el mallohi?? the girl is like 17 yrs old and she's been kidnapped by the authorities last year, can't remeber when exactly...in the summer I think, and her folks still know nothing about her or her whereabouts??