January 22, 2011

herbal philosophy

be careful ... the beast might get you ... they say he bites his victims heads off ... but that's just an urban legend ... or is it ... either way ... just be careful ... he is starting to rear his ugly head ... his eyes gleaming in the darkness ... his fangs glistening against the moonlight ... nobody is happy about all of this obviously ... the beast's appearance does not bode well for them ... well maybe one person is happy about the beast ... him ... but we don't speak of him ... he's been gone for so long people forgot he existed ... or at least they pretended to ... nobody knew when he would return ... if he would at all ... but now with the news of the beast finally breaking out of his cage ... that cage that held him for oh so long ... longer than anyone or anything should be held really ... anyway the rumors about "his" return grow stronger with every passing day as the beast's presence becomes more and more real ... if he and the beast ever reunite ... who knows what might happen ... we might go back to the old ages ... when things were different ... not necessarily better ... but certainly different ... imagine if we really did go back to those times ... wouldn't that be weird ...

that didn't make any sense did it ... so i leave you with something a little more coherent ... also on the subject of beasts ...

If at times my eyes are lenses through which the brain explores constellations of feeling my ears yielding like swinging doors admit princes to the corridors into the mind, do not envy me. I have a beast on my back.
-Douglas, Gavin
'Be" te Noire'.

yeah that was definitely more coherent ...


Prudence said...

Beasts and beast slayers...when I read it Baewolf came to my mind!! Nice piece especially the part where you desrcibed the beast :fangs glistening against the moonlight: I kinda wanted to read more you cut it too short :p

I didn't see this yesterday...hmmm!!

Jundi said...

there is no beast slayer in the story .. only a beast :o

not familiar with baewolf .. i know its a movie and thats all i know ..

so u liked it .. maybe ill write another one then :D

Prudence said...

What about the one person who's happy about the beasts' breaking loose? who's return is anticipated when he was forgotten before?? He's Baewolf in my mind.

Baewolf is an english epic poem similar to the iliad and the odyssey, THe movie is based on the poem and carries its name.

I did like it...looking forward for your next one ;)