January 1, 2011

قدر الله و ما شاء فعل

so i wrote about how my car broke down on the way home the other day ... and how i thought the massive flooding had something to do with it ... well turns out it did but not in the way that i thought ... you see ... when the street is a sea you cannot sea the street ... and when you cannot see the street then you cannot see the potholes ... and jeddah is full of them ... so as it turns out i hit a nasty pothole which broke something which is connected to a cylinder which in turn bla bla bla ... to boil it down my engine is bye bye ... and i need a new one ... well it will not be a new one ... it will be a used one from the junkyard ... the point is the engine needs to be replaced ... such wonderful news to hear at the start of this new year ...

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