January 13, 2011

black swan

did not go to makka as planned ... heavy rains you see ... so i ended up staying home ... i slept after work ... that's right i work on thursdays ... though it is a half day so ... anyway ... so i watched black swan ... normally a movie about ballet would not interest me ... i don't care if it did receive a lot of critical buzz ... i mean so did brokeback mountain but i'm never watching that ... however ... this movie is directed by darren aronofsky ... he has directed requiem for a dream ... and the wrestler ... two amazing movies ... and now you can add another one to the list ... this movie is very dark and very sexy and also kind of trippy ... a lovely combination ... also ... mila kunis is so hot ... i just have to mention that ... solid 10/10 ... this movie is getting an oscar for sure ...


Prudence said...

It's not in cinemas yet. I would like to see it.

You still owe me a da3weh 3nd el ha3bet so daber halak!

Jundi said...

well i am going dont worry it just didnt work this weekend due to the rain ..

but yeah definitely see it ..

Dawn said...

Black Swan has been getting an Oscar buzz since the get go.
But there is a lot of competition this year, 127 for James Franco & the fighter too, which I thought you'd watch before any Ballet Movie *sneaky smile*
Kol ta25eereh o feha 5eereh o taqabbala allah salafan

Jundi said...

i dont want to see the fighter .. i dont like mark wahlberg and i absolutely hate christian bale ..

i do wanna see 127 hrs but i havent found a good copy yet ..