December 24, 2010

jacob's ladder

this is what you call a mindfuck movie ... quite an old one ... released twenty years ago ... it's kind of hard to tell you what it's about ... partly because i can't say i fully understood the movie ... and partly because it's hard to describe the movie without giving part of it away ... basically tim robbins plays a vietnam veteran who is haunted by what he saw during the war ... and he is constantly tripping balls ... so you never know what is real and what is hallucination ... well sometimes you can ... but it is confusing ... i would like to say more but i would ruin it for you ... so as a movie it really wasn't that great ... it was pretty terrible actually ... but it gets a 10/10 for the mindfuck factor ... only watch it if you really like mindfuck movies ...


Prudence said...

You know after the American war of terror on Iraq I came to HATE all movies that have to do with war. Not only do they destroy other countries and kill millions of civilians they also entertain their masses with biased stories either about the nonexistent heroism of their soldiers or post war trauma suffered by them... Am I really to sympathize with any of those notions??

These movies mock the pain and suffering of other nations by making it a material for entertainment and the movie makers, mostly jewish and perhaps Zionists, make a ton of money out of it. So I am boycotting all war movies and so should you :p

Jundi said...

well yeah i know what you mean but not all those movies glorify the war .. some are antiwar .. and this is one of them ..

as for not sympathizing .. i can understand why we would find it hard to sympathize with soldiers who come to our lands and kill and rape and do all sorts of nasty things .. having said all that .. the post traumatic stress they suffer is all too real ..

Jundi said...

i would also like to add that most of the US soldiers who go fight in these wars لا ناقة لهم و لا جمل .. im not saying that means we should sympathize with them .. im just saying is all ..

theres a book called jarhead written by a guy called anthony swofford .. he is a marine that served in the first gulf war .. you should read it ..
it was made into a movie btw ..

Prudence said...

Yes I am aware of the fact that some movies are anti war. But they are always from THEIR prespective...why THEY'RE opposed to THEY sympathize with the victims...etc. So eventho I have nothing against such movies I am not inclined to watch them.

I also realize that the post war trauma is very real, no doubt about that. But if it is trauma for the soldiers can you imagine how it is like for the unarmed civilians?? sympathy whatsoever.

The Abu Gharib prison scandal was first exposed by soldiers who could not condone the flagrant violations of human rights and decided to blow the wistle. I respect these soldiers but sympathy whatsoever.