December 4, 2010

corporate mumblings

you know you hate your job when you welcome a four day training course because it will be "a nice change of scenery" ... even though it's being held in the same building where you work ... i'd like to think it's because i'll be learning something new ... which i will ... but that's not it ... i'm just glad that the routine will be broken ...


Prudence said...

lol it is a nice break :p

Tab describe your perfect job!

Jundi said...

i regret studying business .. i wish i could go back and do graphic design or architecture or sth .. interior design even ..

perfect job would be something simple and blue collar .. like owning my own land and farming it .. or being a neighborhood grocer .. owning my own car workshop where i also help the team in repair work .. at a younger age i would have laughed at this notion but i have shed my materialism since then ..

Prudence said...

hmmm something that basically does not require ANY intellectual activiy at you're so immature :p

Jundi said...

immature .. well i never .. no its just that the corporate world is such a cesspool .. i really cannot find anything appealing about it ..
and didnt i say i wish i had studied 1,2,3 .. those require intellectual activity dont they ..

anyway all the jobs i mentioned beat dentistry :P

Prudence said...

Oh I'm soorrryyyyyyy I'm in an awful awful mood!! I actually was thinking about your dream job and realized that it had nothing to do with's just what you'd feel comfortable or even happy doing. I felt back and came back here to tell you that.

Yes I know...actually my job is not very different from farming or fixing a car...once the problem is identified it's all handy work from there hehe.

I always thought that we make our biggist decisions when we're least prepared to do it...but that's just life.