September 15, 2010

coolest google logo ever

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Pru said...

are you a fan of Agatha Christie? I didn't get what the logo was about when I first saw it. I read many of her stories when I was a child, in arabic of course, I still remember the anticipation. It's a shame that all the T.V adaptations of her stories were least the ones I got to see.

Jundi said...

i actually have never read any of her novels .. i am a fan of sherlock books though .. have read quite a few ..

Pru said...

lol I've never read Sherlock Holmes!!I saw some movies based on sherlock stories..never liked them. My absolute favorite detective is omg I forgot his name :S he's famouse for his cigar and shabby rain coat!! ufff shu esmo??

I like criminal minds; just started watching it and so far I'm amused.

Dawn said...

I like Columbo!
And the coolest one is the Pacman one actually :D