August 10, 2010

in your dreams

what does it mean .. if anything .. when you see someone you know all dressed up in a dream ..


Pru said...

Perhaps that he/she will get married :p I'm not into dream interpretation but we do have tafseer el ahlam and it's a very popular book in this house hold!

Still in Irbid and I got zombie land!!! Still cannot watch it with the ridiculus count of children around me.

Ramadan kareem. Hope you'll enjoy your first day. I'm anticipating a feast and cannot wait.

Wait for the feedback :p

Jundi said...

well i believe dreams dont always have to mean something but in some cases they do ..

zombieland is wonderful one of the best movies last year ..

ramadan kareem to you too .. i think i will have dominos for iftar .. they have a nice offer buy one get one free :D

Rula A. said...

Maybe it means that you miss this somone.. Ramadan Kareem :)

Jundi said...

no thats not it .. welcome back and thanks :)